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I am a K-12 education consultant, who is dedicated to partnering with schools, principals, and educators to enhance their practices and achieve their goals. I offer a range of customized services designed to support and empower school communities in their pursuit of excellence. Below you can learn more about how I can assist you in advancing your educational practices.

In-Class Observations and Debriefing

I visit educators’ classrooms to observe teaching practices and provide feedback and recommendations through debriefing sessions.

Demonstration Lessons/In-Class Modeling


I demo lessons in educators’ classrooms, with their students, and in their content. By modeling effective instructional and social-emotional techniques and strategies, educators are able to observe how such practices can be implemented in their own classrooms.


Workshop Series


My workshop series is designed to be sequential, with each workshop building upon the previous one, to create a cohesive and comprehensive professional development experience for educators. The workshops are focused on specific educational topics and provide concise and practical systems, strategies, and protocols for implementation.

Single-Session Seminars


I also offer single-session seminars for schools and districts that have a condensed timeframe or want to revisit and reinforce key strategies and concepts.


Professional Learning Communities


By providing a structured process for collaborative inquiry, offering guidance and support, and encouraging participants to share best practices and learn from one another's experiences, I help PLCs set goals, identify areas of focus, and develop action plans to implement new strategies and approaches in their school and classrooms.

Small Group Coaching


Small group coaching sessions designed to provide balanced and effective personalized support and guidance, give educators an opportunity to dig deeper into their needs and goals based on grade level, subject area, and/or instructional focus.

Individual Coaching


Through one-on-one coaching, I provide individualized support with tailored strategies, resources, and goal setting throughout the process.

Remote Services | Video Submission | Live Video Streaming


Remote services offer convenience and flexibility with consulting support during times that work best for staff even outside of traditional business hours.

I provide consulting services in various areas of education, such as:

  • Content-Based Workshops

  • Data-Driven Instruction

  • Curriculum Development

  • Social-Emotional Learning

  • School Organizational Development

  • Classroom Management and Engagement

  • General Instructional Pedagogical Development

  • Special Education and Inclusion

  • In House Instructional Coaching and Consultant Development

  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Framework

  • Standards Based Alignment and Grading

  • Assessment and Feedback

  • Problem Based and Inquiry Learning

  • Dual Language

  • Balanced and Disciplinary Literacy Approaches

  • Co-Teaching Practices

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