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About Me

As the proud founder of New Jersey’s first all-girls district public school, I have spent the last 15 years surrounding myself with forward-thinkers in the educational space. As a teacher, administrator, adjunct instructor, and literacy specialist, I have gained valuable insight into what it takes to become a successful classroom teacher for students at every level — from elementary to secondary to higher education. 


In 2012, I was the founding Special Education teacher of The Young Women’s Leadership School of the Bronx. It was my time spent here that inspired me to found the Jersey City Leadership School for Young Women.

My passion for empowering educators and their school communities led me to transition from a classroom teacher to an educational consultant, where I continue to be most impressed by the people who work in and support our schools-the ultimate champions of student learning.



M.A. of Special Education; City College  


M.A. of Science in Educational Leadership; Hunter College.


Ph.D. in Reading, Language, and Literacy, in progress; Concordia University



Online Faculty Training                                                            

- New Jersey Certificate of Eligibility School Administrator
- New Jersey Certificate of Eligibility Principal
- New York State Initial Certification School Building Leader
- New York State Professional Certification School District Leader
- New York State Generalist, Professional Certification Students with
             Disabilities, 5-9

When I’m not consulting, I am pursuing my own continued education as I work towards my Doctorate of Philosophy in Reading, Language and Literacy.

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