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Case Studies


Building and Facilitating Special Education Department

"Jana's dedication to assessing and optimizing our Special Education department, collaborating with teachers and administrators, and providing individualized training and coaching is a testament to her commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment. I would highly recommend Jana’s services."

- Devon E.

Co-Founder and Principal

New York City Public School

With a license in Special Education, Jana provided a range of services to support a Special Education department in its formative years. She assessed the effectiveness of the department's programs and services and provided recommendations, including developing systems for evaluating student progress and protocols for analyzing data. She collaborated with department teachers and administration to optimize policies and procedures, particularly as they align with state and federal laws and regulations. She also provided individual teacher training and instructional coaching with a focus on multi-tiered systems of support and self-regulation strategies.

Modeling and Observing Inclusionary Practices

“Jana’s willingness to collaborate with school leaders and teachers and her expertise in co-teaching strategies made a real difference for students and educators alike.”   


Samantha L.

Supervisor of Special Education

New Jersey Public School

A school district in New Jersey was looking for co-teaching support as they moved towards a more inclusive and diverse learning environment. Jana collaborated with elementary school principals and district liaisons to formulate a plan of action that included a series of co-teaching workshops, live demonstration lessons highlighting the models of co-teaching, and watching co-teaching pairs employ the models in their classroom and providing feedback.

Curriculum Development through Individual and Group Coaching

"Jana's support was a game-changer for our team. With her expertise in backward planning and Universal Design for Learning, she helped us create a curriculum that was inclusive and accessible for all of our students. By working collaboratively with her, we were able to co-construct our learning targets and align them to Common Core State Standards, which gave us a clear roadmap for the school year. Jana's dedication and passion for education truly made a difference in our teaching practice and our students' success."

- Will S.


New York City Public School

A team of 1st and 2nd year teachers needed support in their curriculum and unit planning for the year. Jana met with them over the summer to assist in their backwards planning and incorporation of Universal Design for Learning, ensuring the co-construction of learning targets and their alignment to Common Core State Standards.

"Jana’s support with the leadership team helped build a parent program where I felt heard and valued as a member of the school community. I am grateful for Jana's commitment to building strong relationships between the school and parents."


- Elisa G.

Mother and Owner of Starburst Daycare

New York City Public School

Knowing the importance of collaboration and open communication in supporting students’ academic and personal development, Jana worked closely with a school in the Bronx, New York that wanted to increase parent engagement in efforts to support students' academic and personal development. She partnered with the School Leadership Team to identify the needs and concerns of parents and gather input from the school community. She assisted in the development of parent outreach programs and initiatives, like workshops and events, that reflected strong relationships between the school and parents and improved overall family engagement in the education process.

Parent Awareness and Engagement 

Video Testimonials

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