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PLC Insight Survey and Video

Enhance PLC data conversations by knowing your PLC's data proficiency.

Use this survey to assess your PLC's own understanding of data. Survey results will allow you to provide targeted support and align your PLC's for data-driven conversations.

This free editable and downloadable survey comes with a video that shares how to

  • introduce the survey to your PLC

  • analyze survey results

  • develop next steps for your PLC based on  results

Program Evaluation Guide

Calling all education professionals who need to know that their resources are going to the right places.


Your step-by-step school-program evaluation guide is here.

  • Learn how to evaluate a school-program to make more confident budgeting decisions.

  • Develop a stress-free and timeless evaluation plan that can be used for any program with examples of each step.

  • Learn the 6 Key Decisions that every leader must make to evaluate a school-program. 

  • Build an evaluation team with buy-in and motivation. You won't do this alone.

  • Determine if your money and human resources are going to the right places.

  • Share data-driven results to get what you need to further support your school-community.


The Principal Exchange

Jana specializes in data-driven instruction and special education. She helps schools who:


  • want to improve student achievement,

  • may be angry that they have very little time, energy, and resources, and

  • professionals who want to use data to drive instruction that meets the needs of all students.


Jana’s Principal Exchange store is a space to share the tools and resources that have helped education leaders around the nation.

Reach out to Jana to learn more about her courses and resources.

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