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K-12 Education Consultant

I transform learning environments to support every student, empower every educator, and strengthen every school district.

Jana Lee

M.S. Ed. Special Education

M.S. Ed. Educational Leadership


I partner with school districts nationwide to develop tailored strategies, systems, and processes to improve academic performance. My approach is rooted in research-based findings that lead to better student outcomes.

All too often I encounter passionate educators who know there’s a better way to make impactful changes for their students, but with very little time, energy, or resources to bring these changes to fruition. Our most valuable teachers are burning out and students are getting lost in the shuffle. Lofty goals are set for the school district, but without the proper tools in place to drive success. 

Jana Lee educational consultant
Kids Kids drawing with colored pencils


Any empathetic educator knows there are no universal methods that work for everyone – especially those with unique needs or circumstances. My customized approach optimizes both teaching and learning environments to unlock the potential within every student. 


Whether you are an educator, supervisor, school leader, or district leader, I can help you hit those lofty goals, and with a renewed passion for your profession.


There’s no one-size fits all approach here! Together we can create a plan that’s customized for your school district, teaching environment, classroom setup. I create individualized programming by:

1. Aligning school and district needs with tailored assistance to exceed goals.

2. Identifying systems that WORK to improve existing systems that don't and to create new, efficient protocols.

3. Reviewing resources and budget to build impactful yet realistic plans.

Jana Lee with other educators


School Principals

Unique challenges require unique solutions. Let’s sit down, establish trust, and pinpoint the key areas of improvement for your school. 

School District Administrators and Service Providers

Putting new initiatives in motion requires hands-on collaboration. I work one-on-one as well as in group settings with district leaders to set up inclusive programming and practices.


No matter where you are in your teaching career, I want to help you address the challenges in your classroom. When I was a teacher, working with a consultant transformed the way I taught along with the results I saw from students. 

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